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Cavitation jet cleaning equipment cleaning gun introduction

Date:2024-05-13   Visits:44

  1. Overflow cavitation cleaning gun ------- This cleaning gun is specially designed for cleaning smart parts of the ship. It can perform fixed-point cleaning on the ship's seabed door, tail shaft, small propeller, and rudder. The cleaning gun is equipped with a hand-held When the switch is turned off, the water in the pipeline will overflow back to the cleaning pump unit.


2.Combined cavitation cleaning gun----The combined cavitation cleaning gun is also designed for sensitive parts of the ship. At the same time, the front end of the cleaning gun can be equipped with an extension tube to go deep into the hole for cleaning operations. The rear end of the cleaning gun is equipped with The silencer protector and unloading design offset the front and rear forces, allowing divers to operate flexibly and conveniently underwater.


3.Rectified cavitation cleaning gun--------The rectified cavitation cleaning gun is based on the ordinary cavitation cleaning gun and is equipped with a small cavitation cleaning plate. It is specially designed for irregular surfaces of ships and can be used to clean the irregular surfaces of ships. The protruding parts of the ship's curved surface, propeller blades, and rudder blades are cleaned to increase the cleaning speed.


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