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How to deal with rust and paint removal of marine corrosive facilities

Date:2024-05-06   Visits:24

The phenomenon of marine corrosion reduces the structural performance of marine engineering facilities, has a great impact on the normal operation of the equipment, and even causes safety risks. Due to the complexity of marine corrosion, the maintenance and cleaning technology of marine facilities is different from the cleaning technology of other industries. To meet higher requirements, the marine anti-corrosion industry has been seeking an efficient, fast and non-destructive cleaning method.

In addition to traditional manual scraper and chemical cleaning, high-pressure water jet and cavitation jet technology have shown more significant advantages in rust and paint removal of marine corrosion facilities. These two technologies not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce environmental pollution and operating costs.


Picture quoted from Qingdao Jurong Marine High Pressure Cleaner

**High-pressure water jet technology** is a method that uses a high-pressure water pump to pressurize water flow to a pressure of hundreds or even thousands of bars, and forms a high-speed jet through a special nozzle to impact and clean the target surface. The advantage is that the high-pressure water flow can effectively peel off rust and coating while causing less damage to the metal substrate. In addition, this technology is also suitable for cleaning facilities of various shapes and complex structures, with high cleaning efficiency and flexible operation.


Picture quotes Qingdao Jurong cavitation jet underwater cleaning machine

**Cavitation jet technology** is based on high-pressure water jets and uses micro-jet and shock waves generated by the cavitation effect to clean the target surface more thoroughly. The cavitation jet penetrates into small cracks and holes to effectively remove hard-to-reach rust and coatings. This technology not only improves the cleaning quality, but also expands the cleaning range, and is especially suitable for occasions that have high requirements for cleaning effects.

In practical applications, these two technologies can be selected and combined according to different needs and scenarios to achieve the best cleaning effect. In addition, with the continuous advancement of technology and reduction of costs, high-pressure water jet and cavitation jet technology will play a more important role in rust and paint removal of marine corrosion facilities, providing strong support for the development of marine engineering.

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