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Research and application of cavitation jet underwater cleaning robot

Date:2024-05-06   Visits:124

With the increasing prosperity of global trade, the anchoring and sailing time of large ships at sea are continuously extended. However, long-term exposure to the marine environment results in a large number of marine organisms adhering to the surface of the hull, which not only increases the ship's fuel consumption, but may also cause corrosive damage to the hull. In order to solve this problem, we developed a cavitation jet underwater cleaning robot.


Picture quotes Qingdao Jurong underwater cleaning robot

This underwater cleaning robot adopts advanced crawler structure and permanent magnet adsorption technology to ensure stable adsorption and crawling on magnetically permeable walls. Whether it is a smooth hull surface or a complex structure, the robot can easily handle it, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the cleaning process. This unique adsorption method not only improves the stability of the robot, but also greatly reduces the diver's work intensity.

The onboard intelligent electronic system gives this robot a higher level of intelligence. By automatically planning its crawling path, the robot can efficiently complete cleaning tasks while avoiding potential damage to the hull structure. In addition, the remote control operation function allows operators to operate far away from the marine environment, further ensuring personnel safety.


Picture quotes Qingdao Jurong cavitation jet underwater cleaning machine

During the cleaning process, the cavitation jet cleaning disc carried by the robot plays a key role. Through the cavitation effect caused by the mixing of high-speed water flow and air, the cleaning disc can effectively remove marine life from the surface of the hull. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, cavitation jet technology has higher cleaning efficiency and lower energy consumption, making an important contribution to reducing the overall cost of ship operation.


Picture quotes Qingdao Jurong cavitation cleaning plate

The development and application of this cavitation jet underwater cleaning robot provides a new solution for the removal of marine life from large ships. By reducing divers' work intensity, improving operating efficiency, and reducing ship fuel consumption and corrosive damage, we have made a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the global shipping industry. We believe that with the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, future underwater cleaning robots will play an important role in more fields and make greater contributions to the protection of the marine environment and the prosperity of human society.

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