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Cavitation jet technology and the concept of cavitation jet cleaning equipment

Date:2024-04-30   Visits:151

· Cavitation (from the Latin word cavitas - void, hole) - is formed by gas, vapor, or a mixture of gas and vapor being filled into a liquid jet. Cavitation occurs because the local pressure in the liquid drops due to an increase in its velocity (hydrodynamic cavitation), or because of the powerful transfer of sound waves during the vacuum half period. With the higher pressure moving into the zone, or during the compression half period, the cavitation foam bursts, resulting in a shock wave.


· Cavitation jet systems and cleaning equipment use the hydrodynamic cavitation effect to destroy and remove biological dirt (algae, mollusks, shells, etc.) of all composition and thickness when cleaning rusty and peeling paint Wait, will not damage the bottom paint and varnish anti-fouling anti-corrosion coating. The required cleaning levels for all types, sizes and material surfaces can be achieved through the safe operation mode of the cavitating jet generator.


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