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Advantages of cavitation jet underwater cleaning technology

Date:2024-05-11   Visits:51

The current processes used include shot blasting, chemicals, and high-pressure water jets. The disadvantages are low efficiency, damage to the original coating, need to be docked before operation, environmental pollution, harm to the health of workers, and Operational safety hazards, etc.


The cavitation jet system and equipment draw on the advanced efficiency difference theory from traditional cleaning technology and combine it with the innovation of the cavitation jet device to achieve very good application results in the cleaning field.

1. High efficiency - maximum cleaning efficiency of more than 1500 square meters per hour - can be used for cleaning a wide range of materials and shapes.

2. The ship does not need to be docked, and high-speed and high-quality ship shell cleaning can be performed outside the dock.

3. Different from traditional hand scrapers and rotating brushes, the unique cavitation jet equipment can easily clean away marine dirt of any pollution stage, hardness and thickness quickly and with high quality.


4. Comprehensive rapid cleaning - Cleans over 500 square meters of curved and hard-to-reach surfaces in just one hour, including marine propellers, rudders, rudder plates, stabilizers, stiffeners and Kingston lattice, transfer collectors , pipelines, sprinklers, bridges and natural gas and oil recovery platforms and drilling rigs.

5. Clean harmful pollution and thick dirt on the surface with high quality and high speed.

6. The cleaning process is environmentally friendly.

7. There is no risk of injury, ensuring the safety of divers.

8. Will not destroy the paint antifouling and anticorrosive coating on the surface being treated.

9. There is no need to change tools and consumable materials when running cleaning projects.

 10. Able to operate around the clock without interruption.


11. Easy to operate - no special training is required for workers and divers.

12. The equipment has good mobility and can be mounted on a trailer, car body or cargo vessel.

13. Can clean the surfaces of various materials, such as metal aluminum alloy, plastic, wood, cement concrete, glass, etc.

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